DriPak GT

Pre Filters

Product Overview

  • DriPak GT corrosion-proof design, suited to arduous conditions 
  • High dust-holding capacity 
  • DriPak GT consists of self-supporting pockets
  • Synthetic non-woven media
  • Enhances particle capture and water resistance
DriPak GT

Benefits & Features

The DriPak GT’s class-leading capacity makes it ideal as a tertiary filter or as a pre-filter to the AAF high-efficiency and (H)EPA filters.

Low Pressure Drop
Protection doesn’t come at the expense of performance.

Large Capacity
A large surface area and class-leading dust-holding capacity provide extended protection.

Advanced Media
The DriPak GT’s utilizes synthetic fibers in a non-woven progressive density for enhanced particulate capture and moisture resistance.

DriPak GT’s Thermally bonded, synthetic fibers offer excellent performance, even in humid environments.

Fungal & Bacterial Protection
Synthetic fibers won’t promote fungal or bacterial growth.

Durable Construction
Welded, self-supporting pockets and positive locking to the plastic header mean longer life.

Easy Disposal
Fully incinerable construction.