Consulting Services

Consultation Services

Product Overview

  • Active Filter Management
  • Life Cycle Optimization Program
  • Compressor Efficiency Reporting
  • Mobile test rig
  • Air quality guarantee
  • Equipment life assessments
  • Health and safety risk assessed
Consulting Services

Benefits & Features

Consulting Surveys
AAF offers consulting surveys that extend beyond the physical condition of the machinery, providing in-depth analysis and recommending opportunities to increase gas turbine power output and lower heat rate.

Trusted Partners
AAF’s proprietary software and skilled technicians work as partners with your operating staff to maximise the value and return on critical assets. Working with customers to capitalise on every opportunity to generate extra power or yield greater production.

Refining Technology
AAF can forecast when performance can be expected to reduce and work with you to further refine our technology, mitigate operational risk and ensure reliable future performance.

Compressor Efficiency Reporting
Compressor efficiency and gas turbine output are analysed to establish if the filter type being used is the best solution. This depends on the application, the working conditions and the environment it is operating in. AAF will establish if improvements can be made and performance can be increased by changing the filter configuration.

Upgrade Potential
At AAF, we stand alone in our ability to accurately model past engine performance against validated benchmarks to provide technical and commercial assessments of potential upgrades such as HEPA filtration and inlet cooling.

Reliable Service
AAF believes our range of consulting services is what sets us apart from our competitors. Each one is designed to increase gas turbine performance and add value to the businesses we serve.