Product Overview

  • Economical pre-filter
  • Suitable for high humidity conditions
  • Reusable filter frame
  • Replaceable filter media
  • Lightweight and compact size

Benefits & Features

The ChevroNet filter is designed for use in industrial and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Owing to its excellent dust holding capacity, it can be used as a prefilter for higher efficiency filters or as a central filter. As a prefilter, the ChevroNet filter protects more expensive main filters from premature replacement. As a central filter, it improves the quality of indoor air.

ChevroNet filters are supplied with AmerTex R synthetic media in grade R35. The media is pleated and has a densely bonded structure, allowing dirt to be collected uniformly over the entire depth of the filter.

Uniform dirt loading maximizes media usage, resulting in a more gradual rise in resistance, higher dust holding capacity, and longer service life. The media is classified G4 in accordance with EN779:2012.

Easy to Install

The ChevroNet filter has a sturdy, long-lasting galvanized steel frame that offers great resistance in harsh operating conditions. Due to its lightweight and compact size (48 mm and 95 mm depth), this filter is relatively inexpensive to ship and easy to handle and install.


The ChevroNet filter can be blow cleaned with compressed air once or twice during its natural lifetime.

Typical Applications

Commercial Building Air Filters
Commercial Buildings
Data Center Filtration Solutions
Data Center
Hospitality Filtration
Schools & Universities


EN779G3, G4
Filter Depth22 mm , 44 mm , 95 mm
Media TypeSynthetic
Frame MaterialGalvanised Steel
Special Size AvailableYes
Antimicrobial AvailableNo
Max. Operating Temperature100 ˚C
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