Carbon Tray

Gas-Phase Filtration Product

The Carbon Tray is factory pre-filled with user-specific chemical media. Each carbon tray is vibration filled to ensure that the media is uniformly packed, then bagged and carton packed.The Carbon Tray is made of sturdy construction of Galvanised Steel with black powder coated. Other metal materials such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium options are available. The carbon tray comes factory-ready for installation with a removable lid.

Product Overview

  • Carbon Tray is suitable for a wide range application
  • Metal tray complete with different types of media options
  • Carbon Tray is high performance for odors control
  • Optional prefilled with user-specific chemical media
Carbon Tray

Typical Applications

Commercial Building

Data Centers


Schools & Universities


Filter Depth (mm)22, 44, 95
Media Type (Standard)Carbon
Media Type (Optional)Impregnated Carbon, Chemical, Blended
Frame MaterialGalvanised Steel
Special Size AvailableYes
Max Operating Temperature49°C