AstroHood® S-III RSR-III


AstroHood® S-III RSR-III HEPA module is room side replaceable HEPA terminal housing. It’s designed to replace HEPA filter without using any tools. Standard and high capacity filters are interchangeable without requiring any adjusting.AstroHood® S-III RSR-III can handle different volumetric of airflow with the same filter dimension, without adjusting the filter clamping devices. It is designed with tool free in mind, during new filter installation or replacement and removal of diffuser

Product Overview

  • AstroHood® S-III RSR-III visually pleasing room side design
    • Leak free housing – extruded aluminium material with fully welded corners
    • AstroHood® S-III RSR-III
    available for gasket or gel seal filter
    • Tool free filter and diffuser installation
    • Prefixed air entry distribution plate
    •AstroHood® S-III RSR-III is hygenic designed – no gap between diffuser and the housing
    • Standard and high capacity filters are interchangeable
    • Perforated or swirl diffusers available
    • No centre divider – increase filter area and unrestricted airflow uniformity
    •AstroHood® S-III RSR-III HEPA module is patent pending test port providing excellent air flow uniformity
AstroHood® S-III RSR-III

Typical Applications




EN1882H13 – U17
Filter Depth117 mm, 128 mm
Media Type (Standard)Fiberglass
Media Type (Optional)ePTFE, eFRM
Frame MaterialAluminum
Separator StyleHot Melt
Faceguard PositionBoth Sides
Gasket Material (Standard)PU, PU Gel
Gasket Material (Optional)Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone Gel
Gasket PositionUpstream
Antimicrobial AvailableNo
Recommended Final Resistance500 Pa
Max Operating Temperature70 ˚C
CertificateUL 900, FM 4920

Housing Specification

Housing Depth258 mm
Housing MaterialAluminum
Supply Air GrillePerforated Swirl
Supply Air Grille Material (Standard)GI Finished with Epoxy Coated
Supply Air Grille Material (Optional)Stainless Steel
Inlet Collar200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm
Inlet DiffuserPrefixed Distribution Plate
Top Material(Standard)Galvalume
Top Material(Optional)Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Specific Size AvailableYes