AstroFan FFU AC


The AAF AstroFan FFU AC unit is a self-contained ceiling fan filter unit for use in turbulent mixing and laminar airflow cleanroom areas. The unit is designed for use with the 50 and 55 mm T-Bar ceiling grid. This unit can also be utilized in liquid seal ceiling grid. The unit is lightweight and easy to install.

Product Overview

• AstroFan FFU – AC is a low energy consumption HEPA module
• This HEPA module’s backward curved motorized impeller uses minimal electricity
• Available with variable speed controller
• AstroFan FFU – AC generates low noise
• It is a sturdy construction


Typical Applications





Housing Depth (mm)275 – 295
Housing Material (Standard)Galvalume, Stainless Steel
Housing Material (Optional)Aluminium
Power Supply220V 1 phase 50/60Hz
Air Velocity0.3-0.5 m/s
Speed Controller (Standard)Triac
Speed Controller (Optional)TSC-10
Noise Level (dBA)<60
Pre-filter (Optional)G4 Class
Pressure Port (Optional)Upstream Side
Insulation (Optional)PE
Room Side ChangeOptional
Electrical Connection (Standard)3 Meters Length with UK Plug
Electrical Connection (Optional)Electrical Terminal Box
Special Size AvailableYes