AstroCel III NG

Nuclear Filters

Product Overview

AAF AstroCel III Nuclear Grade is a very high efficiency filter designed for high temperature applications. Classified H12/H13 in accordance with EN1822 standard, made of a mini-fold media and robust housing this filter is used in facilities requiring significant air flow. The AstroCel III NG provides excellent filtration efficiency (99,99% at Uranine).

AstroCel III NG

Benefits & Features

  • Evaporation coefficient: > 10 000 at Uranine (NF X 44-011)
  • 3400 m3/h air volume capacity
  • Continuous operating temperature of 120 °C and can handle short peak temperatures
  • The filter high media area ensures a low pressure drop
  • Resistance to irradiation
  • Tested by IRSN