AmerKool GT Moisture Removal Solutions

Moisture Removal Solutions

Product Overview

AAF’s AmerKool GT high efficiency mist eliminator, utilizes the AmerKool M81 coalescing pad within a lightweight plastic frame.

  • Removes moisture from the environment
  • Utilizes AmerKool M81 coalescing pad
  • Plastic frame for highest moisture resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Low operating resistance
AmerKool GT

Benefits & Features

Easy Handling
The AmerKool GT is designed for direct interchangeability with all disposable panel filters, media packs or permanent filters used in built-up filter banks and also side access systems.

No Modifications
No modifications are necessary to the frames or latches when interchanging filters of a similar size.

Sturdy Construction
The AmerKool M81 coalesing pad is housed within a sturdy double walled, die cut polypropylene board frame. To maximise media pack rigidity for the most difficult operating conditions, it is bonded to the plastic frame at all points of contact.

Moisture Removal
AmerKool GT can be used in several different applications to eliminate mist and moisture from the environment.

Water Resistant Construction
The coalescing media is made from a 3 inch (75 mm) thick blanket of continuous filament glass fibres.

A specially formulated water resistant binder is applied during the glass spinning process that allows the media to maintain its thickness and resiliency when saturated with water.

Depth-loading Media
The M81 pads consist of an open weave fibre pattern on the air entering side and a tighter weave on the air leaving side.

This unique construction permits use of the full depth of the pad, thus increasing the amount of water each pad can hold.

Low Pressure Drop
Highly efficient and operates at a low pressure drop.