Air Inlet Cooling

Product Overview

  • AmerKool lowers ambient air temperature
  • It increases air density
  • Minimum pressure loss
  • AmerKool enhances engine efficiency
  • Improves output
  • AmerKool raises fuel efficiency

Benefits & Features

Lower Heat
When evaporative cooling is applied to combustion air intakes, it serves to lower the heat and enhance engine efficiency by increasing the air density.

Improve Output and Fuel Efficiency
Increased air density has the effect of raising specific mass flow rate through the engine, improving output and fuel efficiency.

Lower Emissions
A further effect is the reduction of emissions of oxides of nitrogen.

Prolonged Life
Evaporative cooler media has a long life with minimum pressure loss.

Fluted Media
Air-to-water contact is achieved in a fluted media. The large fluted openings are positioned to create the maximum evaporating interface between the air and wetted surfaces. This permits minimal pressure loss and negligible water carryover.

Water Management
AAF uses highly efficient AmerVanes to prevent free water passing into the intake system. These vertical droplet catchers are industry-leading in water droplet efficiency.

Condition Monitoring
AAF’s Active Filter Management reports back cooler parameters to the AAF Data Centre, ensuring that the cooler is being monitored regularly.

AAF can provide experience Site Supervisors or a complete turnkey service, with ongoing technical support.