Air Inlet Cooling

Product Overview

  • AmerChill ideally used for thermal improvements
  • Recover lost power
  • AmerChill can enhance fuel efficiency
  • It can boost output
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Proven reliability

Benefits & Features

Consultation Services
AAF’s inlet cooling consultation services can be employed to conduct accurate feasibility and specification writing to prescribe the best available technology and its commercial payback.

Power & Thermal Improvements

Inlet cooling can help gas turbines realize significant power and thermal improvements. AAF excels at the creation of custom-engineered solutions on an individual, customer-by-customer basis that use modular chilling through refrigeration. We possess this expertise through our relationship with our parent company Daikin, world leaders in industrial air conditioning.

Recover Lost Power
AmerChill systems consistently achieve low intake air temperatures, which help recover power lost due to high ambient temperature.

Enhancing Fuel Efficiency
Amerchill lowers heat rate, leading to less fuel consumption.

Minimize Site Utility Consumption
AAF design chillers have excellent energy efficiency at full and partial load levels. The design can also include variable speed drives to optimize power consumption. For areas with restricted make-up water, air cooled chillers or hybrid evaporative cooling towers can be installed.

Boost Output
On a hot day in Gulf Coast Countries, with ambient temperature at 49°C, and coil leaving set at 15°C, gas turbine output can be boosted by 24%. On large gas turbines the power recovered may be as high as 60 MW.

Combination with Filters
Combining chilled water cooling with AAF high efficiency filters ensures that gains made by cooling are not offset by losses to fouling.

AAF can provide a complete turnkey service, with ongoing technical support.