AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™


AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ are more effective than other odor control filters, because they contain greater chemical media density, using AAF International’s SAAFWeb™ technology.  The AmAir®/SAAFOxi™ and AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ filters contain AAF International’s SAAFOxidant™, which is an exclusive formulation of activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate for the most effective gaseous contaminant chemisorption available. AmAir®/C and AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ filters are contained in a frame constructed of high wet strength, moisture resistant beverage board. Two mating die cut boxes are bonded together, forming a double wall around the entire filter. 

Product Overview

  • AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ is an economical solution to many gaseous contaminant problems, including odors and corrosion control
  • AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ Available in pleats, panels, and pads
    Activated carbon (AmAir®/C), AAF International’s proprietary activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate, and 50/50 blend (AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ filter)
  • MERV 7 particle size efficiency
  • This gas-phase filter easy to install
  • AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™ directly interchangeable with standard air filters
  • Fully disposable
AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings

Data Centers

Food and Beverage



Schools & Universities


Filter Depth (mm)22, 44, 95
Media TypeCarbon, Blended
Frame MaterialMoisture Resistance Beverage Board
Special Size AvailableYes
Antimicrobial AvailableNo
Recommended Filter Resistance250 Pa
Max Operating Temperature49º C