Active Filter Management

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Product Overview

  • Air quality is accurately measured and monitored
  • Appropriate solutions are recommended
  • Filter performance is optimized
  • Output potential is maximized
  • Smooth and effortless filter change out
Active Filter Management

Benefits & Features

Simple Installation
The intelligent control panel can simply tap into the existing measurement points. Simply power up the system and let AAF do the rest.

Data Analysis
It has the ability to measure vital data that is then transmitted securely to AAF for analysis. The recorded data is analyzed to provide periodic performance reports and information for each filter stage within the gas turbine.

Performance Management
The AAF Active Filter Management™ technology has been designed to assist plant operators in their gas turbine filter performance management. The performance of each filter stage is accurately measured and monitored to optimize the filter change periods and in turn increase the gas turbine output performance.

Peace of Mind
The data received is automatically interrogated by the Active Filter Management™ software to identify trends, alerting the AAF engineers to any anomalies.

Smooth Change-out
AAF’s Site Services Team can be strategically allocated in advance to ensure a smooth filter change-out process.

View Data Securely Online
Live and historic data can be viewed on-line within a secure website.