How to Tackle Excessive Ethylene In Fruits & Vegetables Warehouses?

The ripening of fleshy fruits represents the unique harmonization of developmental and biochemical pathways leading to changes in color, texture, aroma, and high nutritional qualities. The gaseous plant hormone ethylene (natural ripening agent in fruits and vegetables) is also an important contributor of nutrition and fiber to the diets of humans. Some fruits and vegetables are more sensitive to ethylene than others, and often they tend to be kept separately.

Ethylene is one of the newest gases being used in fruit and vegetable storage. It is a gas that is released when ripe or damaged fruit is stored. The recommended practice in fruits and vegetable warehouses is to keep ethylene producing items separately from non producing items.

Even a small amount of ethylene gas leakage during shipping and storage will accelerate the process of the decay of fresh items. Further, some of the storage providers will use the gases like nitrogen and sulphur gas to hamper the high concentrations of ethylene. The common process that is involved in solving the challenges is by maintaining ventilation in the warehouse/storage areas. Sometimes this may not meet the exact requirements.

In these instances, deploying gas phase filtration solutions in the warehouses/ storage areas will fulfill the needs.

Gas phase filters and equipment are designed to remove harmful, irritant, and toxic gases from the air making the environment cleaner and purer with specialized media and chemical substrate. Gas phase filtration technology is the optimum solution for the efficient removal of a broad spectrum of airborne contaminants.

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