Air Purifier for Malls in middle east & kSA

In many metropolises, public space is vital to social life. Moreover, the choices of public spaces will vary from city to city. The most common public venues are streets, squares, shopping malls, theatres, athletic facilities, museums, and parks. They contribute to cities’ reputations for liveliness and livability, as well as to the well-being of metropolitan populations.

Shopping malls are one of those public areas where people like to spend more time. These malls have grown vital to city life in the last decade, and not just for shopping; food courts offer a diverse range of cuisines, and there are frequent events, art exhibitions, and activities for children. Shopping malls are social gathering places where you can spend time with family, friends, and colleagues. It is no wonder that many of us spend a sizable portion of our free time in such venues. 

However, this pattern has shifted dramatically in the last two years. All of this is attributable to the onset of a pandemic. As a result of COVID19, shopping behavior has switched dramatically toward online shopping, and all shopping malls and other commercial buildings have experienced no footfall.

Following the second and third waves of the COVID19 scenario, shopping malls gained pace and are experiencing a strong rise in footfall. Since increased levels of outdoor air pollution keep making the air inside buildings and homes harmful, indoor air quality has emerged as a serious global health concern. 

Therefore, appropriate air filtering systems must be installed in business buildings and shopping centers. These air filtration systems help provide good indoor air quality (IAQ).

However, why should we be concerned about IAQ?

A comfortable, odour free environment is what is intended by ensuring acceptable interior air quality in malls. The lack of good IAQ in shopping malls can increase the risks of airborne contaminants. Airborne contaminants can cause discomfort, and respiratory challenges to visitors, employees, and working staff. In adverse scenarios, they can lead to damage to processes and equipment. The shopping mall owners should also concentrate on the harmful effects of gaseous contaminants [Ex: gaseous contaminants from the food courts of shopping malls].

Therefore, installing air purifiers [air purifiers from American Air Filter (AAF)] will enable you to maintain good IAQ and a clean, safe atmosphere, ensuring the well-being of everyone who visits them.

AAF is offering the best HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) /ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) filter based AstroPure Premium air purifier. This can be used at industrial and commercial facilities. The installed filters work by removing harmful viruses and bacteria, dust particles, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and particulate matter from the air. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the best features of AstroPure Premium air purifiers for shopping malls in India.

Astro Pure Premium Product Highlights: 

  • One air purifier – many industrial & commercial applications
  • Portable/standalone floor standing air purifier
  • Covers 200 – 500 Sqft floor area
  • Provides Good Indoor Air Quality
  • It combines particulate, gas-phase, and high efficiency filters to remove airborne particles, gaseous contaminants, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds to provide a clean air solution.
  • Built-in 3 stage air filters (Pre-Filters; Fine Filters; HEPA Filter) and optional UV lights
  • HEPA filters remove fine particles, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds with an efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3μm.
  • HEPA filters are individually tested with Auto Scanner (EN 1822 Testing Machines)

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