What is The Importance of Air Filtration in Commercial Bakeries?

Food-related businesses are quickly adapting to indoor air quality regulations. In order to survive in the long run, building owners must consider air filtration systems designed specifically for commercial kitchens.

Commercial bakeries are those commercial kitchens where it deals with a heavy amount of flour, dough, and usage of useful microorganisms [Ex: yeast]. Due to this reason, asthma is highly reported among the commercial bakery staff. Baker’s asthma can be caused by immunologic sensitization to specific work-related allergens and subsequent allergic reactions in the airways and unsanitary equipment, poor food handling practices and ventilation systems. Another important factor that is leading to bakers’ asthma is the inhalation of wheat flour following exposure to flour dust. Commercial bakeries need to take every precaution to ensure their employees don’t fall victim to these diseases.

The cleaning process is a normal part of keeping your bakery or food preparation space clean. But it does not minimize the risk of cross contamination or the spread of airborne contaminants. That’s where air filtration comes into play, and it will help in mitigating respiratory diseases at commercial bakeries.

Air filtration systems reduce bacteria, viruses, particulates, insects, and other pests from entering your commercial bakery. Air filtration systems will also help in improving air quality in commercial bakeries and make the environment safer for employees, as well as reduce downtime due to employee illness.

The filtering devices are designed to remove particulate matters which include dust, flour, smoke, and a variety of other potentially harmful airborne contaminants.

Air filtration systems are installed to improve air quality for the commercial bakery, reduce costs and optimize efficiency by removing airborne particles through a high-performance combination of a dust collector, pre filters, bag filters, HEPA filter, and carbon adsorber. These can also help reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency and product quality.

Air handling units should have filters in place to remove particles of a defined size. Pre-filters having a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 4 or higher can successfully remove airborne particles. The greater the MERV value, the smaller the particle size that can be filtered.

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