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AAF India Pvt Ltd – Blending Quality, Expertise, And Innovation In Air Filtration Industry

The increasing magnitude of air pollution worldwide encourages countries to deploy air pollution control equipment (APCE) to control the levels of air pollution. Stringent ecological regulations and growing public awareness about pollution are leading to the growth of the APCE market. The prevalence of the COVID19 pandemic has generated great consciousness not only among corporates and institutions but also among the common public about maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ). As one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial air filter manufacturers, AAF India is recognized globally for quality, expertise, and innovation in air filtration.

People are becoming more aware of the need for IAQ for their health and wellbeing. But due to budget constraints, customers tend to ignore the quality of APCE and look for a cheap solution that may not meet the intended expectations. Also, the significant share of the air filtration market is governed by an unorganized sector due to a lack of regulations except for pharma, making it an open playing field for everyone. AAF India is a Daikin group company, the world’s leading air conditioning product manufacturer, which has been leading the air filtration market with a presence for over 17 years. It has positioned itself as a renowned quality air filter manufacturer and a preferred brand, especially in the pharma segment. “AAF shall continue to work closely with the major industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies to bring awareness about the IAQ, which can ensure a level of quality of products and services,” speaks Shailesh Nigam, COO.

AAF India is committed to cleaning the indoor air around the globe to improve quality of life, increase productivity, protect critical processes and equipment, and create products that advance the human condition. It is more into serving the commercial segments rather than the residential ones. They have major market segments such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, and F&B. AAF India contributes to maintaining and optimizing HVAC systems, maximizing cleanroom performance, Designing robust containment systems, and Controlling odour and corrosion. “AAF India has always been known for its quality of products and has maintained a leadership position for years,” speaks Shailesh Nigam, COO.

AAF India has started offering value engineered solutions to its customers by going beyond the conventional product offering. These offerings turn the invisible into the visible with the help of the latest technology. AAF India invests a lot in intensive research and development to ensure that the products offered to exceed its customers’ expectations. A large talent pool, knowledge base, and combined experience of hundreds of years set AAF apart from other players in the market. Their manufacturing units are ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 certified, producing high-quality air filtration products for end users. The EN 1822 standard auto scan machine for HEPA/ULPA filters is their robust asset, keeping them in a predominant position in the market.

AAF India has always been known for its quality of products and has maintained a leadership position for years

AAF India expects inorganic growth from new unconventional segments where the awareness about IAQ shall create a large market. It plans to strengthen its business in the EEMEA, SAARC and CIS regions. An already existing strong presence of Daikin’s air conditioning business in the area shall help synergize the strength with its filter division and would play an essential role in AAF’s business expansion plan. AAF India strives to move from prominence to dominance and to have the lion’s share in the market.