Revolutionizing Air Filtration Industry

AAF-Daikin offers comprehensive, innovative air filtration solutions designed to remove and control airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants in residential, commercial, industrial, cleanroom, automotive, railways, power generation and nuclear power applications. With their expertise, the company will continue to lead global initiatives that increase productivity, improve processes and protect public health for the next 100 years. Rahul Uppal, COO for AAF-Daikin – EEMEA, CIS & SAARC Countries outlines evolution of AAF in India, solutions and products offered by the company for India, demand for air filters and many more in an email interaction with Cooling India.

AAF was established in 1921, however, it entered the Indian market only in 2006. How has your business in India evolved over the years?

AAF International entered India in 2006 when the company recognized that clean air is critical in developing countries like India. The growing number of centrally air-conditioned buildings allowed us to invest and set up our first manufacturing facility in Bengaluru.

By the end of its first year, the sales team marked its presence in the pharma segment and the HVAC industry. After three years, AAF International gradually started projects in the automobile industry, IT industry and entered the power and industrial segment. The breakthrough year was 2011 when the company set up another manufacturing plant in Noida. It also introduced TMRSC products for cleanrooms and commenced equipment manufacturing in the same year. In 2013, we won the biggest telecom industry project for all its plants. With the introduction of FFU (Fan Filter Unit) in the Indian market, AAF International grabbed most of the hospital projects.

By 2014, AAF International became the preferred partner for the healthcare and life science industries and started exploring other industries where clean air is crucial. AAF Flanders was formed in April 2016, when AAF International acquired Flanders Corp. The combined company offers comprehensive, innovative air filtration solutions designed to remove and control airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants in residential, commercial, industrial, cleanroom, data center, sewage treatment plant and nuclear power applications. AAF is the world leader in clean air solutions and always ahead of the competition. AAF is India’s first and only filtration company who installed auto scan test facility to test HEPA and ULPA filters as per EN 1822 international standards.

Poor air quality has recently become an epidemic of sorts in India. How is AAF geared up for this challenge?

AAF understands the vital importance of clean air. That is why we are committed to cleaning the indoor air quality not only in India but around the globe. We are committed to improve quality of life, increase productivity, protect critical processes and equipment and create products that advance the human condition. Some aspects that AAF always adheres to are:

Sustainability is always a top priority in our R&D efforts.

Provide sustainable and ‘green thinking’ solutions.

Reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint for ourselves, and our customers alike.

Improvements in the environmental management system.

AAF Flanders is committed to protecting people, processes and systems through the development and manufacturing of the highest quality air filters, filtration equipment and containment housings available today.

What are the products and solutions you offer in the air filtration category?

AAF supplies a wide range of filters for various industries from commercial buildings to industrial processes, from home applications to high-end cleanroom applications.

AAF provides solutions for:

  • IAQ to protect people
  • Cleanroom filtration to protect process.
  • Gas-phase products for gaseous contaminants like VOCs and corrosive or toxic gases
  • Air Pollution Control – Dust collectors and smoke collectors
  • Gas Turbines – Auxiliary equipment, filters, repairs, refurbishment, retrofit and upgrades.

How do you see the demand for air filters in India?

People and governments are increasingly becoming aware of the hazardous effects of pollution on health and the environment. Incidences of respiratory related diseases are rising. ‘Save the planet’ has become a global slogan. These factors are driving growth of air filters in India and across the globe. Increased disposable income with people has enabled people to invest in health-related products. Stricter implementation of pollution laws is also contributing to the demand for technologically advanced air filters for the industry. It is estimated that the demand for filters will grow at a CAGR of nearly 30 per cent over the next five years.


You have recently introduced the next generation facility management tool Sensor360. Could you tell us more about this product, features, applications etc.?

AAF is a pioneer in the air filtration industry. The latest invention which differentiates AAF from rest of the filtration companies is Sensor360, a next generation monitoring and facility management tool that enables the customer to understand and plan their air filter performance and maintenance in an entirely new way. 

It is the first IoT (Internet of Things) patented technology platform that demonstrates the effectiveness of a building’s filtration system by monitoring particulate levels.

Sensor 360 is a battery-operated sensor which measures both indoor and outdoor particulate concentration (PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 levels). By monitoring pressure drop, the user can determine the changeout point for the building’s filters that offers the best value and energy efficiency. With Sensor360, the user can optimise preventive maintenance scheduling, decrease deferred maintenance, save money, reduce risk, and gain time.

What are your strategies to place this Sensor 360 in Indian market?

We would place Sensor360 as a necessity for our customers for their filters maintenance and achieve their IAQ goals. Clean air solution with next-generation monitoring tool helps track filtration performance and maintenance by providing optimum filter changing data which helps reduce energy cost for late filter change and labour & filter cost for an early filter change. This, in turn, helps facility managers to know the excellence of our solution and their ROI on it.

AAF is committed to revolutionising air filtration with the opening of clean air innovation and research centre in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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